Book Package- When We Pray

Book Package- When We Pray

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The Book Package

This package contains a copy of the book When We Pray and a limited-edition print of the cover illustration (7 x 10). Only 350 of these autographed packages are available - so make your purchase soon. 

The Book

The overarching aim of When We Pray is to explore the connections between prayer, meditation, art, and aesthetic experience in ways that are both insightful and practical. Each of the eight essays takes the reader on an exploration of topics such as the role of imagination in prayer and manifestation, the aesthetic aspects of enlightenment, the role of signs and symbols in the spiritual life, and more. As you explore these topics you are also invited to feast your eyes upon professional illustrations created by the author himself. When We Pray is a total package experience that features insightful, thought-provoking essays that are accompanied by beautiful, well-crafted imagery.

Package Features

When We Pray is an 8.5 x 11, soft-cover book (autographed), printed on opaque white paper. The cover is in color and the illustrations which open each chapter are in black and white. 

The limited-edition print (350) is a 7 x 10 color print of the Cover illustration. Your autographed and numbered illustration will be printed using archival paper and inks. *This print size is not available in the regular shopping cart of the illustration.  

The price includes the book, the print, any applicable taxes, plus the cost of shipping and handling for the package.


The Author

The Reverend Damon A. Powell, Ph.D. is an artist and theologian who currently resides in Oakland, California. Dr. Powell’s academic research and artistic creations focus on the intersections of art, aesthetics, and spirituality. Dr. Powell’s insights come from extensive research into a wide range of spiritual and philosophical concepts that have provided him with a deep understanding of the various ways the spiritual and the aesthetic interpenetrate one another. Damon’s artistic creations are the result of ongoing spiritual practices that provide insights that he births into visual form using color, line, and symbol. Damon’s mission is to give form to divine light through the manifestation of symbolic images that reflect on the myriad ways Spirit reveals itself within our daily world.