Fine Art Print - Bodhisattva Tara

Fine Art Print - Bodhisattva Tara

  • $ 29.99

Medium: Pastel & Color Pencil


This image was birthed upon reflection upon the feminine aspects of the Buddha mind. Tara was the first female Buddha and is revered by Buddhist worldwide. The bluish skin is indicative of the heavenly blue found in depictions of Krishna, while the pink is symbolic of love and the higher chakra energies. Tara’s eyes reflect the Tibetan symbol for enlightenment while her 3rd eye contains an adaptation of the Egyptian Eye of Horus.


Print Details

☼  The actual image will be sized to fit within your chosen dimensions leaving a 1” margin (minimum) on all four sides.


☼  Every image is digitally printed on 250gsm ultrasmooth Fine Art paper (archival to 100 years), using archival ultrachrome inks.


☼  Each print is signed and dated on the backside in the left-hand corner.


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