Fine Art Print - Head & Heart

Damon Powell -Artist and Theologian

$ 29.99

Medium: Watercolor


The inspiration for this image is based upon the crown and heart chakras (colors are lavender, pink & most pastel hues). The crown chakra is believed to be the 7th and final energy center which connects one directly to divine energies as they flow from above down into the body through the crown chakra. Although most images depict it at the top of the skull, it actually floats 1-2 inches above it. The bird which accompanies the figure is dove which symbolizes the divine spirit it springs forth from the meditating figure’s heart. “Heart and Head” is a complimentary image.


Print Details

☼  The actual image will be sized to fit within your chosen dimensions leaving a 1” margin (minimum) on all four sides.


☼  Every image is digitally printed on 250gsm ultrasmooth Fine Art paper (archival to 100 years), using archival ultrachrome inks.


☼  Each print is signed and dated on the backside in the left-hand corner.


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